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So will be the new Android N, here the main characteristics

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Android N will have an official split-screen support to use multiple applications simultaneously

Annually the World Congress of developers, Google held a quotation of several days during which the company announced would put down other things of the innovations that will bring after the version of the system software of mechanical man.

This year the quote is from the eighteenth to the twentieth and could however give the mechanical man surprises N - letter that corresponds to the version - do not know how many due to previous editions.

The company has created to advance the main beta developer version, you can transfer from these days on the web site of the company. "This earlier initial can allow United States to include the proposals created by developers during which are eventually distributed to manufacturers by the end of summer," says Hiroshi Lock heimer, responsible for the software system.

Android N can bring necessary changes and not just for phones. It will be the primary version of mechanical man that will feature a political candidate split-screen support to use multiple applications at the same time.

This system, the devices that incorporate with ten windows or Apple iPad tablets, has been jointly implemented by some manufacturers, such as Samsung, however the lack of official support forcing application developers produce specific versions for these devices.

In addition to 2 concurrent applications, mechanical man N allows to attenuate the videos in a small floating window, as the rival of iOS platform.

Mechanical man version will also respond to messages and notifications while it won't disappear the application during which the user and applications combining many notifications in a single notice to avoid continuous interruptions.

The system will also allow entering a mode most advanced energy-saving devices once the screen is off.

Finally, mechanical man N may incorporate support for the Java programming language eight, a characteristic that companies can jointly extend to previous versions.

To facilitate the installation of this version Google has created a public system of access to betas, accessible from these days. together has reduced the value of its pillo f component C, which may be accessible to developers for $350, $150 for the refund of these days.

The version of mechanical man are place to take a look at the flexibility of the phone manufacturers update the terminals already oversubscribed.

Candy of Android, the latest version of the system software, is for many months ago however only a couple of .3% of users of mechanical man has received the update.

26th users still use the version of Lollipop, in 2014 and thirty-fourth square measure in KitKat, a version of mechanical man nearly 3 years in the market.

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