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Despite its importance and the role that plays in our lives, the majority of people does not have the basics of science.

USA 13 March, 2016. Economics is a social science that we are in contact every day,and is a part are as relevant to our lives that we don't realize how immersed in it.

From the moment that we wake up and we have to decide what to do first in our day, the economy already acts because we have to choose how to allocate a resource,time, to meet the needs of our life.

And despite its importance and the role that plays in our lives, the majority of the people has the basics of science. 

You can learn about inflation, view how prices move, read how the stock market behaves, he finds statements of politicians, knows thathe must save, but there is a real economic education.

This is largely due to deficiencies in basic education program.

If you want to learn about this science, below are some free courses online that can help:

All courses are free, and in some cases can be issued a certificate that has an additional cost.

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